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The TASER® is a non-lethal weapon, popular with police agencies and security organizations.  Because it is not considered a firearm, the TASER® is legal to carry with you or in your car without permits in all states except:. DC, HI, MA, MI, NY, RI, & WI.  Check local laws.  A real TASER® shoots charged probes up to 15 feet away to disable your attacker..  You don't have to touch your attacker as you do with a stun-gun..  If you're looking for stunguns, click here.
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TASER® Pulse Kit  

Easy to conceal.     Weights only 8 ounces     Only 5.25 inches long.
TASER® Pulse
LASER assisted targeting
2 - Live Cartridges
Replaceable Long-Life Lithium Battery
Conductive Practice Target
TASER® Pulse     $299.00 each
Replacement Cartridges
Reload your TASER C2™, Bolt™, or Pulse™ with replacement Cartridges.
 $49.95 2 pack
Blade-Tech OWB Holster

for the TASER Pulse

 $34.00 each
Nylon Holster
with Strap
for the TASER Pulse

 $19.00 each
Lithium Battery

for the TASER Pulse

 $24.00 each
Leather Holster

for the
TASER C2™/Bolt™

 $29.95 each
Tactical Holster

for the TASER C2™/Bolt™

 $39.95 each
TASER® X1 Professional Kit 
Professional Grade Device Used by Law Enforcement
TASER® X1 Professional
2 - Live Cartridges
Power Magazine (not a rechargeable battery)
Rugged Carrying Case
Conductive Practice Target
DON'T PAY  $999.00 each
SALE PRICE $839.00 each
The TASER® X1c is a strong addition to any civilian self-protection plan. It is the same innovative tool used and trusted by law enforcement agencies around the world. This means it can be effective against even the most aggressive assailants, or persons under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. Equipped with a rugged carrying case, the X1 is suited for both home-defense and professionals such as security personnel or delivery drivers

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2 pack of
Air Cartridges

Reload your TASER M-18, M-26, X-26, X1 in less then a second with replacement Air Cartridges.
Price shown is for two cartridges.
Does not fit the C2, Bolt, or Pulse.
 $69.95 2 pack
Cartridge Clip
Attaches to the bottom of M26/M18 TASER and stores one extra cartridge a second away.

Digital Power Magazine

Replacement battery
Fits X-26 Tasers Only

XDPM Extended Digital Power Magazine

Replacement battery - Holds an Extra Cartridge and extends the grip
Fits X-26 Tasers Only
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Cordura Thigh Holster
For M26/M18. Used by law enforcement, security guards, and prison guards.

 $49.95 each      

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