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The high performance Pro-Scan hand held security scanner is designed to meet the exact requirements of the security industry. Typical uses will include body search for offensive weapons in crowd control, airport and border security, checking parcels and letters for metal objects and anywhere that hidden metal needs to be detected. Pro-Scan operates on one 9-volt alkaline or rechargeable battery.

The presence of metal will be indicated by an audio warning tone and a red light coming on. The sensitivity is adjustable.
A .38 caliber hand gun will be detected at 7.75 inches on low sensitivity and 11 inches at optimum sensitivity.
A Pen knife will be detected at 4 inches on low sensitivity and 6 inches on optimum sensitivity.
A razor blade will be detected at 2 inches on low sensitivity and 4 inches on optimum sensitivity.
15.5"(L) X 2.6"(W) X 1.25"(H)
Click to add one 9-volt battery @ $2.45
 $69.95 each
The Pro-Scan II includes all the features of the Pro-Scan, PLUS:
also includes a FREE HOLSTER
Heavy duty is 50% thicker.
Easier switching between high or low sensitivity modes.
20% Larger scanning area.
Click to add one 9-volt battery @ $2.45
 $89.95 each
Don't forget Batteries for your scanner!

Garrett manufactures the finest security hand held metal detectors in the world. Don't rely on less expensive foreign made knockoffs. The Super Scanner is the world's most respected and most utilized-hand-held scanner. It is used by security personnel and law enforcement agents numerous times daily, all over the world.  The Super Scanner detects medium-size pistols from a distance of 9" large pocket up to 6" razor blades, 3" hatpins, 1"

Allows effective searches without touching the body.
Features automatic retuning and battery check.
Has optional earphone for silent searches.
Is designed for long, dependable service under rugged conditions.
Click to add two 9-volt batteries @ $2.45 ea.
 $159.95 each

The Garrett Enforcer G-2 is compact and lightweight and will fit into a shirt pocket. This small wonder can find even the smallest weapon, yet will easily fit in the palm of your hand. Can be used anywhere with a minimum of fuss and bother.

Features automatic retuning (no adjustments ever needed).
Sensitivity can be limited if ambient metal causes interference.
Has a large scanning surface for quick, yet thorough scanning.
Features an automatic battery check.
No tools are required to change batteries.
Is lightweight, yet very rugged.
Housing constructed of polycarbonate-fiber reinforced material.
Utilizes surface mount electronic component technology.
Click to add two 9-volt batteries @ $2.45 ea.
 $139.95 each
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Copyright ©2002 by Web Publishing