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Guaranteed lowest prices on TASERS®, stun guns, pepper spray, and other protection products.   We carry a wide selection of qualtity brands in a variety of models, plus, stun batons, stun flashlights, TASERS®, the cell phone stun gun, and Black Cobra Stun Guns and Stun Pens!.     if you have any questions.
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TASER® Pulse +

Stun Gun Example STUN GUNS -- We offer the most dependable and effective stungun brands available.  From our 65,000 volt mini to our 775,000 volt monster!  We have batteries and holsters, too.  Check out our STUN FLASHLIGHTS, our STUN BATONS, our CELL PHONE STUN GUN, and the police tested X26c and M18 Advanced TASERS®.

Pepper Spray Ring PEPPER SPRAYS -- We have a huge selection of Pepper Shot and MACE brand, Michigan Approved pepper sprays in addition to PEPPER FOAMmixed pepper and CN gas defensive sprays  Our Hot Walkers feature pepper spray in walking weights.  We also carry Pepper Pen, Pepper Pager, Wildfire 15% Pepper Spray. Animal Repellers -- Protect yourself from animals. Electronic Dog Repeller, Mace Canine Repellent, and Bear Spray.

Alarm Example HOME PROTECTION -- Window Alarms, Motion alarms, Glass Breakage Alarms, Door Brace and more. Great selection!   Our Electronic Watch Dog Alarm can "see" through walls and barks like an angry watch dog when someone approaches.   Child Safety -- Child Guard is a wireless alarm that lets you know if your child wanders off beyond a certain distance. The Baby Home Safety Kit has over 70 items to protect your baby around the house.  
Diversion Safe Example Diversion Safes -- Sometimes its best to hide things in plain sight. We have beer and soda safes, Book safes, stone safes and more.   -- Ever wonder what goes on when you aren't there?   Check out our Cyber Eye motion activated surveillance camera.  Build your own hidden camera with our Hidden Camera Kit, or get our Hidden Camera Desk Lamp.

Super bright LED Keychains PERSONAL ALARMS --From alarms that you carry, to alarms that you hang on door handles, to door stop alarms, to alarms with flashlights and more.
Telephone Voice Changers -- Portable voice changers including the one used in the movie Scream.

  Handcuff ExampleHandcuff Example
Handcuffs -- Handcuffs, Legcuffs and Thumbcuffs.   Handheld Security Scanners -- Portable handheld metal detectors from Garrett or the economical Pro-Scan.
Don't forget Batteries or Holster for your stun gun!
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